//News! First blog post with the new website!

News! First blog post with the new website!

  • Now that we all have Twitter and Insta, people are less inclined to read Blog Posts, but some of my FB friends aren’t on Twitter. And you can’t exactly write a paragraph on Insta or Twitter, so voila! A blog post. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it short. 🙂
  • BIG NEWS is that Gurer, a publisher in Turkey, bought Turkish language rights of Not Okay, Cupid! So Felix James will be heading to Turkey! (Look out, Turkey.) 😀 What do you think they will choose for a cover? I can’t wait to see.
  • More news: Masquerade Girl, my second book in the High School Heartbreakers series for Entangled Crush is in edits with my lovely male editor—we are on track for it to launch in October, and I can’t wait to share my sweet lavender haired main character, Piper, with you guys. Though it takes place in New York, there’s secret Not Okay, Cupid connection in the story, you’ll have to look for it.
  • Secret project reveal! Coming soon. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading!