gold-dust-dreamsMother’s Day was pure gold. Literally. Mr. E, the 13 y/o eye-roller who wants to “move to Iceland” surprised me with an incredibly heartfelt 2 page letter in a card form that brought tears to my eyes. Sweet A gifted FOUR cards (our school really goes all out for Mother’s Day: a poem, a card, a letter, and a picture) and D and A bought me a FOUR hour spa treatment which included a 70 minutes CAVIAR AND GOLD facial. The idea with this purchase D and A took from the site, there are full of different gift ideas and reviews on headphones, gadgets, quadcopters and more. That is correct. I didn’t know they were applying caviar and gold until a slightly fishy smell wafted through the air and the woman announced, “Now for the CAVIAR.” Huh? I’ve never even sampled caviar in my MOUTH where it’s supposed to go.


The 24 carat gold powder is meant to bring eternal life, or buckets of wealth or some such (likely a total scam: my just-turned 8 year old must’ve talked my husband into this package). I’m guessing it was really glitter, but shh. Turns out I have “debris” on my skin and that its still murderous amounts of pain to have a blackhead popped.

The treatment also included a a shampoo and blowout. My hair has never looked this good. Ever. Including my wedding day. I looked in the mirror and announced, “No wonder celebrities look so gorgeous!” The woman told me some ladies get their hair blown out EVERY DAY. Wow.

Best part? I took the entire day off of adulting! I cuddled and chatted with my kids but didn’t make meals, clean anything, breakup fights, or tell anyone to eat spinach and/or talk politely. Glorious! Today it’s back to real life, but after that trip to the Wonka factory, I’m good with it.