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Heidi Kling was born in Los Angles and grew up there and in Northern California. She attended U.C. Santa Cruz as a writing major and received an MFA in Writing for Children from the New School. Back in the Bay Area, Heidi volunteers with San Mateo and San Francisco County Libraries as a Teen Mental Health advocate through literature and writing, visiting author at BAYA and YANovCon. She lives in a tiny coastal town with her husband, daughter, rescue pup Sailor and guinea pig Ruth Llama Guinesberg.

WHERE I FOUND YOU is paperback of award-winning hardcover debut SEA, set in the aftermath of the Indonesian tsunami and inspired by a true story.

Its sequel, WHERE THE SEA TAKES ME, is also available now.

PAINT MY BODY RED, takes place in pressure-cooker Silicon Valley and on a ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Reviews call it “balm for the soul” and “a must read for teens and adults.” It’s been translated into several languages. Check the German cover and title which translated to English means UNDER THE WIDE BLUE SKY WITH YOU.

NOT OKAY, CUPID, is a light and flirty story of bad boy Felix James and straight shooter Hazel McAllister who form a revenge plan…and possibly falling under Cupid’s spell to get back at cheating ex’s.

Follow her on Instagram: @heidirkling or Twitter @heidirkling.

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