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Our first single, which I wrote, is titled Masquerade Girl.


QUESTION: What’s the song “Masquerade” about?

ANSWER: I wrote the love song about the many masks we wear, before the pandemic! Now it’s even more relatable. Andrew Heringer, of Milo Greene and The Guest and the Host swoons lead vocals and Dawson Records produced. It bubbles up those “Hey, There, Deliliah” vibes and I’m so happy with the way it turned out!

Fainting Goats second single, “Party-Party” is quite a departure from the whimsical yearning of “Masquerade”. First off, it’s co-written by me and my 17 y/o son Ethan! We made it up one day in our kitchen while we were goofing off during quarantine. It’s inspired by all the hours sitting in front of Zoom wishing we could be out partying with our friends. Ethan wrote the rap and sings the whole song. Can you relate? LOL

QUESTION: You’re a young adult author with many published books! How did you get into songwriting?

ANSWER: The best answer is right here on KHMB radio during a home town interview! Listen now to my full story of how I got my start writing books and songs.

QUESTION: Is it harder to write a book or a song?

ANSWER: Hmm. Good question! They are challenging in different ways. For me, a song will pop into my head, the same way a story idea does. Because I’m not a professional musician, I sing the song to our producer, and he figures out the chords and notes. My husband likens our process to the way

QUESTION: I want to read your books. Which do you recommend checking out first?

ANSWER: It depends on your interest and moods. If you want light, fluffy and flirty, download NOT OKAY, CUPID. For travel adventure and hot romance try the SEA series WHERE I FOUND YOU and its sequel WHERE THE SEA TAKES ME. For a departure, try PAINT MY BODY RED, my darkest, sexist and saddest book, is also my favorite. Featuring Paige and cowboy Jake, it’s set in the high-pressure Silicon Valley as well as a rustic ranch in Jackson Hole. All of my novels are about the importance of family, community and believing in oneself. Hope you enjoy!

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Where I found you

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Where the Sea Takes Me

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Not Ok, Cupid

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Paint my Body Red

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Heidi R. Kling is the traditionally published author of award-winning novel SEA (PenguinTeen), best-selling romcom NOT OKAY, CUPID (EntangledTeen) and many more.

Her latest projects are writing a serial novel LOVE IN THE TIME OF QUARANTINE (free for newsletter subscribers!) and writing songs for alternative band FAINTING GOATS.

For bookstagram: Heidi R Kling Instagram
For musicgram: Fainting Goats Instagram
For twitter: Heidi R Kling on Twitter

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

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What People Say About My Books

An amazing and moving novel. Heidi Kling’s prose is gorgeous and brings this story to life.
Ingrid Paulson, Author of VALKYRIE RISING
A moving story…beautifully written…that succeeds in breaking open what is a tricky topic. A novel deserving of praise and success.
Tanya Grech Welden, Oz Books

Strongly recommend to readers who enjoyed Laurie Halse Anderson’s SPEAK…overall an amazing story that handles tough topics with grace.

Rachel, One Little Bookshelf
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“I was almost nervous to read this book. The subject matter seemed as if it could take me to a dark place that was just too dark. It was a bit how I felt when I first started reading the Hunger Games. Do I really want to go where this author is going to take me? Do I trust that I’ll emotionally be OK after reading it? There are just certain subjects that feel too serious. Too raw. I am so glad that I trusted and read. As someone who has lived in Silicon Valley, I especially appreciated the insight provided and the “character development” of the setting – rang true. Felt real. I have friends and family who have struggled with thoughts of suicide. I didn’t know if I could enjoy a book on this topic. Reading it was actually a balm for my soul – as this topic is one that I continue to struggle to understand.

A few weeks now after reading, I still love the emotion that tugs at me when I think about it. It has stayed with me. In a good way.

It was a bit how I felt when I started reading HTE Hunger Games. Would I be okay? I love the I still love the emotion that tugs when I think about it. after. In a good way.”


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Eros Hedefi Sasirirsa


Mit dir unter dem weiten Himmel

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SEA / Where I found you
Book Trailer

Santa Barbara 7th grader made this awesome ‘book ad’ for SEA/WHERE I FOUND YOU with the perfect setup line for sequel WHERE THE SEA TAKES ME. Sophia’s teacher shared it with me with permission to share it with you. I see a future in film trailers for this clever girl!

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Paint my Body Red

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