Big News

My first, only and long-term literary agent, Sara Crowe, dear friend and ally of nearly ten years, has moved to the all-children's agency, Pippin.

Hi, all!

Hi, all! Hope you all had an amazing summer. I know mine went by in a flash, but I'm clinging to these long summer days and lemon popsicles as long as I can. To keep in [...]


Mother's Day was pure gold. Literally. Mr. E, the 13 y/o eye-roller who wants to "move to Iceland" surprised me with an incredibly heartfelt 2 page letter in a card form that brought tears to [...]

News! First blog post with the new website!

Now that we all have Twitter and Insta, people are less inclined to read Blog Posts, but some of my FB friends aren’t on Twitter. And you can’t exactly write a paragraph on Insta or [...]


Surely it wasn't a coincidence that I spent all day on a local movie set the same day as the #Oscars but since today is Leap Day, I'll take a leap and say THERE [...]

EntangledInLove- Twitter chat!!!

Not Okay, Cupid is set around Valentine's Day! What better time to come chat with Entangled Crush and Crave authors Thursday evening! Please bring any and all questions you have about Felix, Hazel and [...]